Madeleine Kunin


What Difference Do Women in Leadership Make?

Twenty-five years ago, Madeleine Kunin became the first woman to be elected governor of Vermont. She addressed an anniversary symposium on March 2cnd, 2010 at UVM.

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Hillary Clinton would be the wisest choice for vice president. 
 listen (2008-07-24)
Op-Ed: Christian Science Monitor

Barack Obama's choice of running mate has to be his alone. What can he learn from 1992?

The presumptive presidential nominee must have trust in his running mate, no matter who he or she is, and that person has to be carefully vetted. The vice presidential candidate does not usually make much difference at the polls. But that may be changing as voters become more aware that the understudy must be ready to take over if needed.

That's why Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton may be the wisest choice. Senator Clinton's constituencies – women and working class voters – would bring the finishing touch to Senator Obama's ticket. And as an older, more experienced person, she may also bring a level of gravitas, not unlike what Gore provided for Bill Clinton.VPR

Inspiring Women to Run for Office listen (2008-04-01)
Vermont Edition (VPR) w/Jane Lindholm
With her new book, Pearls, Politics and Power: How Women Can Win and Lead, former Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin says she hopes to inspire women at all levels - state, local and national - to run for public office and speaks about her new book.
Madeleine Kunin on Pearls, Politics, and Power listen (2008-03-27)
The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC: Former Vermont Governor and Ambassador to Switzerland Madeleine Kunin says that there aren’t enough women involved in politics. She shares her ideas for how to attract a new generation of young women to political leadership in her new book, Pearls, Politics, and Power: How Women Can Win and Lead.   (Watch the Video)

Women in Politics listen (2008-03-25)
A former governor of Vermont, who thinks that despite this year's presidential race, not enough women are elected to public office.
Benazir Bhutto listen (2007-12-31)
The assassination of Benazir Bhutto, opposition candidate and former Prime Minister of Pakistan, is bringing 2007 to a violent and tragic end.

Violence Against Women listen (2007-12-12)
Recent headlines have reminded commentator Madeleine Kunin that in many parts of the world, women are still subjected to violence and injustice.

Vt. debates 2-year vs. 4-year term listen (2007-11-09)
Vermont Edition (VPR) w/Bob Kinzel - Madeleine Kunin and Frank Bryan debate. Madeleine Kunin says she'll urge lawmakers in the upcoming Legislative session to support a four-year term for governor.

Alzheimers listen (2007-11-06)
Madeleine Kunin recently went to the store to buy groceries, but came home with a deeper understanding of what it's like to cope with Alzheimers.

Override listen (2007-10-16)
Madeleine Kunin has been watching the debate about funding for S-Chip, the national Children's Health Insurance Program, with increasing concern, and a strong sense of deja-vu.

The Office of Lieutenant Governor listen (2007-09-25)
Vermont Edition (VPR) w/Jane Lindholm
For the second time, current Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie is looking at a job outside of state government. How important is the office of lieutenant governor? We talk with former Lieutenant Governor Madeleine Kunin about her experience, and talk with news analyst Chris Graff and State Archivist Gregory Sanford on how the job has changed over the years.

Farmers markets listen (2007-06-01)
The opening of farmers markets is a sure sign of spring.
Why is everybody smiling as they inspect the first radishes, spinach leaves and scallions, and taste a sample of cheese here, and smell the flowers there?
It's as if both the producers and the consumers have come out of their long hibernation into the warm sunlight, and are glad. Neighbors greet each other, friends stop to chat, nobody is in a hurry to get in line and move on.
Farmers markets humanize shopping: we not only know where our food comes from - we know who has produced it.

No news listen (2007-05-10)
Taking a break from the headlines can be good for your emotional health, says commentator Madeleine Kunin, as long as it's not permanent. We managed to wean ourselves away from daily newspapers and the evening news, except we did receive a brief summary of the New York Times each morning with our breakfast.

Woman President listen (2007-04-03)
The morning after I was elected governor in 1984 my family and I went to visit the governor's office in the Vermont State House. I stepped inside the beautiful ornate room and stared at the somber portraits of the men who had preceded me. They stared back.

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            Harvard Plans to Name First Female President - NY Times (2007-02-10)
            Shattering the Glass Ceiling - Vermont Law School (2007-03-23)

Escalation listen (2007-01-17)
Madeleine Kunin wasn't surprised to hear that many Americans oppose the President's plan to send more U.S. troops to Iraq. But she was surprised - and encouraged - to learn who some of those opponents are. (VPR)

Hanukkah listen (2006-12-21)
At this time of year quite a few different holiday and religious traditions share the calendar quite comfortably, and commentator Madeleine Kunin thinks that this is no coincidence. (VPR)

Gathering family listen (2006.11.23)
It's Thanksgiving morning, 2006, and commentator Madeleine Kunin is thinking about what it really means to be home for the holiday. (VPR)

Time to vote listen (2006.11.07)
Commentator Madeline Kunin is here today with some thoughts on the importance of Election Day. (VPR)

Nobel Peace Prize listen(2006.10.24)
The name of the latest winner of the Nobel Peace prize rang a bell with commentator Madeleine Kunin - and reminded her of an inspiring dinner conversation. (VPR)
New grandchild listen (2006.10.06)
A joyous personal event has given commentator Madeleine Kunin renewed hope for the future. (VPR)
Iraq and terror listen (2006.09.20)
Many Americans question President Bush's credibility when he says that success in Iraq is necessary to win the War on Terror. Commentator Madeleine Kunin is one of them. (VPR)
End of summer listen (2006.08.31)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin is feeling nostalgic as we turn the page in our calendars from August to September. (VPR)
Of canoes and war listen (2006-08-15)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin recently went looking for some relief from all the news of war and terror. And she found it - for a little while - in a canoe.. (VPR)
Philanthropy listen (2006.07.13)
Billionaire Warren Buffett recently announced that he'll contribute the bulk of his wealth to the Gates Foundation, and commentator Madeleine Kunin applauds his decision. (VPR)
Reunions listen (2006.06.27)
Class reunions offer many surprises and sometimes reassuring consistencies. Commentator Madeline Kunin recently attended her 50th college reunion and she joins us today with some thoughts. (VPR)
Immigration listen (2006.06.05)
As the immigration debate continues, commentator Madeleine Kunin remembers her own arrival in this country, and reflects on what it feels like to be a new immigrant in Vermont. (VPR)
Galbraith listen (2006.05.16)
Today Commentator Madeline Kunin joins us to share some thoughts and rememberances of her friend, John Kenneth Galbraith. (VPR)
Fear listen (2006.05.02)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin says that there's so much on her list of "things to worry about" these days - it's hard to know where to start. (VPR)
Immigration listen (2006.04.10)
When commentator Madeleine Kunin listens to the immigration debate, she is reminded of one of America's Founding Fathers - and of her own mother. (VPR)
Egypt listen (2006.03.22)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin recently visited Egypt. She says it was everything she expected - and much more. (VPR)
Consuelo Bailey listen (2006.03.08)
Today is International Women's Day, and commentator Cyndy Bittinger reminds us of a Vermont woman who became a trailblazing powerhouse in both state and national politics - Consuelo Northrup Bailey. (VPR)
Marriage listen (2006.02.24)
Recently commentator Madeleine Kunin discovered that marriage may be a little like a fine wine - age improves the flavor. (VPR)
Betty Frieden listen (2006.02.14)
The recent death of feminist author Betty Friedan brought back these memories to commentator Madeleine Kunin. (VPR)
Three women listen (2006.01.31)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin is encouraged by the recent election of three women as heads of state in some rather unexpected parts of the world. (VPR)
New Year listen (2006.01.07)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin is looking forward to a Happy New Year - and she's not afraid to say so. (VPR)
Spying listen (2005.12.26)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin thinks that the recent revelations about secret domestic surveillance of Americans are alarming - and at the same time - very "deja-vu". (VPR)
Two holidays listen (2005.12.05)
This year Christmas and Hannukkah fall on the same day, and although the two remain very different celebrations, commentator Madeleine Kunin says that the date isn't all they have in common. (VPR)
Morning after listen (2005.11.21)
Commentator Madeline Kunin joins us today with some thoughts on the FDA and contraception. (VPR)
Mother may I? listen (2005.11.07)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin says that the most recent supreme court nomination has reminded her of a kids' game she used to play. (VPR)
Madam President listen (2005.10.20)
The new television season has started, and one program in particular has caught the attention of commentator Madeleine Kunin. (VPR)

Moving listen (2005.10.05)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin packed up and moved recently, and she found that the process was a - well - moving experience - in more ways than one. (VPR)

Katrina Aftermath listen (2005.09.15)
The third world quality of images documenting Katrina's aftermath in New Orleans didn't really surprise commentator Madeleine Kunin. It reminded her of a visit she made there a few years ago and reinforced impressions of a side of the city rarely seen by Mardi Gras visitors. (VPR)
Emissions Initiative listen (2005.09.06)
Several state governments have decided to take action on the matter of power plant emmissions. Vermont is among them and commentator Madeleine Kunin says that this is a good beginning. (VPR)
Half over listen (2005.08.03)
With July now behind us, commentator Madeleine Kunin advises making the most of the summer days that remain - and she's taking her own advice. (VPR)
Tokenism listen (2005.07.19)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin has been thinking about who should take the place of Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. (VPR)
Capital punishment listen (2005.06.24)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin has been following the trial of Donald Fell and reflecting on the death penalty. (VPR)
Upward mobility listen (2005.06.09)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin is concerned that the rising cost of education and tax advantages that favor the wealthy is making upward mobility a much steeper climb for many Americans. (VPR)
Lake District listen (2005.05.23)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin visited England recently, where she found food for thought in the lovely Lake District. (VPR)
Women in science listen (2005.04.28)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on the recent controversy concerning whether women are as capable as men in teaching and conducting research in the sciences. (VPR)
Camilla listen (2005.04.12)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on the unlikely love story that, in spite of all odds, seems to have had a happy ending. (VPR)
Terri Schiavo listen (2005.03.25)
Along with the rest of the world, commentator Madeleine Kunin has been trying to understand and come to terms with the case of Terri Schiavo. (VPR)
Twenty Years listen (2005.03.09)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on what she - and other women - achieved politically in the last 20 years, and looks to the future. (VPR)

Honoring Kunin listen (2005.03.02)
March is Women's History Month and commentator Cyndy Bittinger looks back at a landmark event that happened 20 years ago. (VPR)

Budget Cuts listen (2005.02.23)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on budget cuts, the future of social security and the role of the federal government in our lives. (VPR)
Secretary Rice listen (2005.02.09)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin has been watching the progress of our new Secretary of State with interest and considerable pride. (VPR)
Biology as Destiny listen (2005.01.26)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin has been following a recent uproar at Harvard about why comparatively few women achieve success in math and the sciences. (VPR)
Tsunami Relief listen (2005.01.12)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin has been thinking about the global outpouring of support for the victims of the Tsunami disaster. (VPR)
2005 listen (2004.12.31)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin has been thinking about the year just ending, and the year ahead. (VPR)
National Guard listen (2004.12.15)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects that the holidays can be a bittersweet time for many - especially this year. (VPR)
Former governor reflects on past Guard deployment listen (2004.12.01)
With more than a thousand Vermont soldiers activated to serve in the Middle East, peace groups want Governor Douglas to bring the troops home. The governor says those soldiers are now under the command of the Pentagon, and he doesn't have the power to recall them. It's a lesson that a previous Vermont governor learned during an earlier, military mission overseas. (VPR)
Clinton library dedication listen (2004.11.30)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin attended the opening of the new Clinton Library. Here are some of her impressions of the event. (VPR)
Bi-partisan environmental policy listen (2004.11.15)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on the coming crisis in environmental protection, and the need for bi-partisan action. (VPR)
Free and fair elections listen (2004.11.02)
Commentator Madeline Kunin joins us today with her thoughts on fair and free elections in the United States. (VPR)
Vote listen (2004.10.19)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin says that if anything is certain in this election - it's the importance of voting. (VPR)
First presidential debate listen (2004.10.05)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin was among those who were pleasantly surprised by the first presidential debate. (VPR)
Future Supreme Court justices listen (2004.09.21)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin says that tenure on the Supreme Court will be an agenda item this year at both the state and the federal level. (VPR)
'Girly men' listen (2004.09.07)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on one of the more colorful sound bites we've heard in recent weeks. (VPR)
Best Buy Book in Town listen (2004.08.24)
There's a book that commentator Madeleine Kunin recommends. She says that it's more than just another "good read." (VPR)
Twenty Years Ago listen (2004.08.11)
As the political season picks up steam, commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on the role of women in politics. (VPR)
Wal-Mart in St. Albans listen (2004.07.27)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on Wal-Mart's controversial plans to locate a store in St. Albans. (VPR)
Women in Prison listen (2004.07.13)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin says that there is a disturbing new trend in the incarceration of women - not just nationally, but here in Vermont. (VPR)
After the Handover listen (2004.06.29)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on the transfer of power in Iraq and what it may mean for the Iraqi people. (VPR)
Remembering Reagan listen (2004.06.15)
Commentator Madeleine May Kunin recalls her impressions of Ronald Reagan. (VPR)
Not a clean, precise war listen (2004.06.01)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by the American military. (VPR)
What lies ahead for the Class of 2004 listen (2004.05.18)
As a visiting college professor, commentator Madeleine May Kunin has been thinking about what lies ahead for this year's graduates. (VPR)
Is it spring yet? listen (2004.05.05)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on the unpredictable temperatures and whether or not it's finally spring. (VPR)
Military deaths listen (2004.04.22)
Commentator Madeliene Kunin shares her thoughts on the current situation in Iraq. (VPR)
Judging Martha listen (2004.04.01)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on the downfall of Martha Stewart and the principle of fair play. (VPR)
Eight months to go listen (2004.03.16)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin hopes that both the candidates and the press will use the next eight months wisely. (VPR)
Mores of smoking listen (2004.03.04)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on smoking, quitting and changing times. (VPR)
February listen (2004.02.19)
With January now behind us and March just ahead, commentator Madeleine Kunin is feeling the first blush of spring fever. (VPR)
Voter turnout listen (2004.02.03)
Commentator Madeleine May Kunin says something strange happened on the way to the primaries: the decline in the number of Americans who vote was reversed. (VPR)
Old books listen (2004.01.22)
A recent literary encounter has reminded commentator Madeleine Kunin that -- while they may get old in terms of years -- some things remain ageless. (VPR)
January 15, 2004 ? News at a glance listen (2004.01.15)
Regional headlines from VPR and other news sources. (VPR)
Iowa caucuses listen (2004.01.09)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin recently visited Iowa in support of Howard Dean. Here are some impressions of her visit. (VPR)
Accessible government listen (2004.01.06)
Commentator Caleb Daniloff reflects on the relationship between politics and the public in Vermont. (VPR)
Season of hope listen (2003.12.27)
It is the season of Peace, and commentator Madeleine Kunin reminds us that it is also a time of hope. (VPR)
Civil unions no longer radical listen (2003.12.10)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on national politics, civil unions and the passage of time (VPR)
Sicily listen (2003.11.22)
Recently, commentator Madeleine Kunin took a trip to Sicily, where she found much more than sunny skies. (VPR)
Beauty of November listen (2003.11.06)
After the color and before the snow comes November. Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on this month of transition and quiet beauty. (VPR)
AIDS and gender equity listen (2003.10.23)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin says AIDS has now become linked to women's issues, such as equality and access to education. (VPR)
Poverty and health care listen (2003.10.08)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on the growing number of Americans living in poverty and without adequate health insurance. (VPR)
Recall and democratic tradition listen (2003.09.24)
Commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on democracy and the California recall. (VPR)
Parent involvement in schools listen (2003.09.10)
As the new school year gets underway, commentator Madeleine Kunin reflects on tests, achievement and parental involvement. (VPR)
Einstein at summer camp listen (2003.08.27)
While Vermont summers are short, summer memories can last a long time. In our series "Summer Times", VPR commentators reflect on the importance of the past and recall some unforgetable summer experiences. Here's commentator Madeleine Kunin, who met one of the greatest figures of the 20th century at summer camp. (VPR)
Kunin to teach at UVM and Saint Michael's listen (2003.08.26)
Saint Michael's College and the University of Vermont have collaborated to invite a former Vermont governor to teach classes. Madeleine May Kunin will serve as a distinguished visiting professor in political science at both institutions starting this fall. (VPR)
Swimming in Lake Champlain listen (2003.08.06)
One of commentator Madeleine Kunin's particular summer pleasures is swimming in Lake Champlain. (VPR)